How to Install Mailbox Wooden Post

How to Install Mailbox Wooden Post - Handyman

If you need to install a mailbox wooden post in your home, you can easily complete the job if you have one afternoon free, especially if you’ll be using quick-drying cement. Pre-built mailbox posts are widely available at home improvement stores, or you can use treated wood for the post. Treated wood makes great mailbox posts because it’s resistant to mildew and insects.

– Mailbox and mailbox post

– 2 x 4 boards

– Water

– Quick-drying concrete

– Galvanized screws

Along with the materials above, you will also need a post-hole digger, a laser level, and a screwdriver to do this job. Now, here are the simple steps to install a mailbox wooden post:

Follow the specifications given by your local post office in determining the proper location for the mailbox post. Make sure to find out what the mailbox regulations are in your city before installing the post. According to federal regulations, a mailbox post must be 42 inches high from the ground to your mailbox’s base. However, see if your local ordinances specify a different height.

If digging at the old mailbox location, you may have to remove the old post’s cement base first.

Then, dig out a new hole with a post-hole digger. Remember, standard postal service regulations state that the height of a mailbox from its base to street level should not be more than 45 inches.

After digging the hole, put in the post. Level the post and keep it standing straight up by supporting the center with one beam attached to one side and another beam attached to its back. Make sure to secure the supporting beams in place, because their job is to hold the mailbox post in a level position while the concrete is being poured and setting to dry.

Typically, a 50-pound bag of concrete (quick drying) would be enough for this job. For this amount of concrete, you will need roughly one gallon of water. Fill the hole with the dry concrete, making sure to leave some space about 4 inches from the top. Then, pour water over the concrete to saturate.

Leave as is with the supporting beams in place for up to 6 hours, or until the concrete has completely dried.

Screw the wood anchor to the mailbox post to attach the mailbox. Slide the box over the anchor and tighten the screws to secure.

Need Help to Install a Mailbox Wooden Post?

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