How to Install Concrete Curbing

How to Install Concrete Curbing - Landscapers

Concrete curbing, also known as concrete edging, is simpler to install than you think. Learn how to install concrete curbing in four simple steps.

Supplies you will need to install a concrete curb:


-Gardening hoe

-1’’ x 4’’ boards

-Leveling tool





How to Install Concrete Curbing

Dig: Mark the area in which you want to install the curb and dig an 8-inch wide trench that is 2-4 inches deep. Make sure you hit dirt because you do not want to lay the concrete on rocks or glass.

Frame: In order to maintain an upright curb with sharp edges, set the 1” x 4” wooden boards along the edges of the trench. Place the boards as wide as you want the cement curb to be. Then, push the stakes into the ground to hold the boards in place; the stakes should be outside of the trench. Make sure the boards are stable to facilitate the cement pouring and leveling process.

Mix: Purchase cement mix from your local hardware store. Mix it in a bucket according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Pour: Carefully pour the concrete mix into the frame you constructed. Make sure to level the concrete with your leveling tool in order to ensure evenness. Tap out any air that might be trapped under the concrete before the concrete dries. Only pour concrete up to the top of the wooden board frame.

Remove the Frame: Once the concrete has dried (see the cement mix packaging for details), remove the wooden frame and stakes. If you choose to color your curb, then you should purchase curb sealant to protect against water damage.

Additional Help

Consider calling a professional if you plan on installing a large amount of concrete curbing. TalkLocal can help connect you with up to three professional landscaping contractors in your area, who will be available to help you when you need them.

3 Responses to “How to Install Concrete Curbing”

  1. Aly says:

    This is best left to a professional…unless you want a dull grey, large squared off, commercial looking curb (that is straight, no less) it can get expensive quickly. Professionals have bulk color, machines that lay the material, and even stamps to make it look like stones–all for a lot cheaper than you could probably do yourself.

  2. Luke Smith says:

    It looks like installing a concrete curb could be an easy job to do, but I bet it looks difficult then it does. With having to dig to the right depth, and frame in the curb, then getting the right amount of the mix. Plus it would be better to get a professional to do it.

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