The Ultimate Guide to Hot Tub Chemicals

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Tub Chemicals - Handyman

As you sit in your hot tub, letting go of the stress that has accumulated over the day, you notice particles of dirt starting to float above the water. You think about giving your hot tub or spa a much needed break. The first thing that comes to your mind is reading about the chemicals and the maintenance tips on keeping the spa or hot tub clean. This is a guide that can help you master spa maintenance.

Everything You Need to Know About Spa Chemicals

If you wish to make the most of your spa or hot tub, you need to be very particular about its maintenance and cleanliness. Spa or hot tub chemicals and filters are the two most important contributors in the health of a spa.

There are innumerable types of spa chemicals available on the market today. You need to understand that the functions of the spa chemical are linked to the sanitation and sparkle of the hot tub or spa. In order to maintain the spa or hot tub condition,s the chemical balance of the water inside these vessels should be checked every week.

Even though the chemicals are required for sanitizing the water, too much off the sanitizing chemical inside the water can make your skin feel itchy and also cause rashes. Therefore, while using these chemicals,you need to ensure that the ratio of the chemicals that you use is per the requirement of the capacity of the water in the spa.

Two of the most commonly used spa or hot tub chemical sanitizers are chlorine and bromine. While both are equally good in cleaning up the water, many people prefer bromine because it has a neutral odor. However, chlorine gives out a very unpleasant odor when used to clean spa or hot tub water.

Sanitizing chemicals for your hot tub or spa are available in different forms: granules, tablets, and liquids.

Spa Boss Chemicals and Their Use

Apart from sanitizing chemicals, you also require spa boss chemicals for the maintenance of your spas and filters. There are also other types of chemicals including pH balancers and test strips. Spa boss chemicals, however, are an important type that helps to balance the pH levels and alkaline levels of the water in the hot tub or spa.

Need Spa or Hot Tub Help?

Using the right spa chemicals for your hot tub or spa is essential for the overall health of your spa or hot tub. Be sure that you use the user manual for understanding the chemical requirement of your hot tub or spa. If you are preparing your hot tub or spa for a cleansing session, check out some tips from Master Spa. You can also win a free Chemicals and Filters supply by entering the giveaway contest being presently run.

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