Hot Tub Skirting Replacement

Hot Tub Skirting Replacement - Handyman

Exposure to harsh weather, daily wear and tear, and lack of proper maintenance can deteriorate your hot tub skirting. While regular maintenance can extend the life span of your hot tub skirting, helping you avoid premature deterioration and costly replacement, at some point it might become imperative to install a new skirting.

Hot Tub Skirting Replacement: Wood or Plastic

If your hot tub skirting is made of wood, it might rot over time as a result of water exposure. Ideally, you should replace it with the same type of wood. If you’re on a tight budget or want to make a change, you can find several types of plastic skirting in home improvement stores. Plastic hot tub skirting requires less maintenance, and is less prone to damage than wood, but its color can fade over time due to sunlight.

For wood hot tub skirting, it would be ideal to use the same type of wood when replacing it. In case you can’t get similar material, you can opt for lumber or plywood, which are more accessible. It’s important to pay attention to the measurements to prevent water from infiltrating into the wood.

Hot Tub Skirting Replacement Steps

There are several steps to follow in hot tub skirting replacement.

1. Remove your old skirting by unscrewing the panels.

2.  Cut new skirting panels to fit your hot tub.

3.  Install the hot tub skirting panels as instructed if you’re using a synthetic wood material kit.

If you replace your old skirting with wood, and aren’t confident about your carpentry skills, ask for professional help. Improper installation of the new skirting can ruin the material. Besides, you want to upgrade the appearance of your hot tub.

Unless you know what you’re doing, you might not get the expected results. To get the job done quickly, and enjoy your hot tub right away, you might want to leave it to pros.

Need Help?

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