Cleaning Heating Ducts

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Better indoor air quality and airflow and a decrease of allergens in your home are some of the benefits to cleaning heating ducts. Usually, ducts become congested with dust, which is made up of not only outdoor dust but also flakes of human skin, hair, pet dander, insects, fibers, and other matter. Cleaning heating ducts is an effective way to remove all of these unwanted particulates from your home.

Cleaning Heating Ducts Yourself                

With the right tools, cleaning heating ducts can be done on your own. Here’s how to do it:

1. Access the duct system by removing all the air supply, and remove registers from your walls.

2. With the registers removed, start vacuuming the duct as far down as you’re able to reach using your vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum’s extra hoses to maximize length.

3. Go down to your basement. Check how far from each register the vacuum hose was able to reach. Measure and mark the point. Then, cut the duct using snips to create an access panel so you can continue vacuuming farther down the trunk of the duct.

4. Repeat the steps of vacuuming and then making access panels along the ducts until you’ve cleaned them all the way back to your furnace.

5. Cover the access panels with patches of sheet metal cut to fit over the holes. Use sheet metal screws to attach the patches to the ductwork, and then apply caulk to the seams to prevent leaks when you turn on the HVAC system.

6. Screw back the registers on your walls. Do a final sweep with the vacuum to get rid of any remaining dust or debris.

7. Heating ducts should be cleaned once a year as part of your yearly home maintenance program. With the access panels already in place, cleaning heating ducts should be easier the next time.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Because this task requires using a powerful vacuum, which many homes don’t have, and some handyman skills, many homeowners prefer to hire a home duct cleaning service to take care of cleaning their heating ducts. It’s actually a more practical solution than renting or buying expensive equipment. If you’re planning to hire a professional to get your ducts cleaned, make sure to obtain several quotes before choosing the right one.

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