Mobile Home Siding Repair Tips

Mobile Home Siding Repair Tips - Roofers

Without a doubt, mobile homes are very convenient, but they are also prone to external damage caused by impact and severe weather elements. Just like a single-family home, mobile homes need maintenance and repairs. Below are some easy steps for mobile home siding repair to keep your home in tiptop shape.

Inspect the Siding

Make it a habit to inspect the siding of your mobile home after a storm or high, strong winds. This will help you determine if not only you need mobile home siding repair or replacement, but also to find out exactly what needs to be done. Look for any damage on the siding or missing siding panels.

For Missing Siding:

Step 1: Purchase Replacement Siding

Measure the damaged area, adding three inches on every side. With the measurements, buy replacement siding from a home supply store or an online retailer. If replacing a panel that has come off your mobile home, bring the panel to the store, so you can get the same exact siding material with all the same qualities (color, weight, style, etc.). Purchase any matching siding accessories needed to help create a smooth and seamless appearance.

Step 2: Install the Replacement Siding

Remove the damaged section of the siding by cutting out a square around it. Pay attention to how the problem siding was positioned. Install the new siding, taking note of the extra three inches on each side of the damaged area.

Step 3: Secure the New Siding

Nail down the new siding along the nail hem, but don’t hammer the nails all the way down. There should be a small space between the nail head and the siding to allow room for the siding when it expands due to weather. Attach the new siding how the old one was fastened. Aside from the nail hem, make sure to nail down the siding in other areas where it might require future mobile home siding repair.

Repair Holes in the Siding

1. To repair small holes in your mobile home siding, clean the damaged area first using liquid dish detergent, and then towel dry.

2. Cut out a piece of repair tape slightly bigger than the hole.

3. Cover the hole with the piece of tape and remove any air bubbles by smoothing the tape out.

4. Then, use matching color paint to paint over the tape so it blends with the rest of the siding.

Count on Professional Help

If you’re planning to use your mobile home soon, but you don’t have the time to handle siding repair or replacement, you can always hire a competent roofer to do the job. TalkLocal will match you with up to three qualified contractors. Cut the search for a pro and use our free service today.


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