Snow Tire Tutorial

Snow Tire Tutorial - Snow Removal

With the wintry season fast approaching, drivers start thinking about preparing their cars for snowy and icy roads. This means first installing snow tires. However, it’s not always clear for everybody why snow tires are important. Here’s a snow tire tutorial that will help you understand why you need snow tires.

What Are Snow Tires?

Also called winter tires, snow tires are specially designed tires for winter conditions. Snow tires have special features, which make them suitable for snow-covered roads and ice.

What Are the Particularities of Snow Tires?

Rubber Compound

Unlike regular tires, they are made of a special rubber compound, which has a superior performance in cold temperatures. Regular tires are less flexible than snow tires, which makes them become rigid when exposed to cold weather.

The rubber in snow tires keeps its elasticity even when temperatures drop significantly. This allows you to have better traction and more control over your vehicle on snow-covered roads.

Tire Tread

Snow tires have deeper treads, which allow them to have a much better grip on snowy and icy roads. They also have a wear indicator, which shows you when you need to replace your snow tires. If they’re worn out, snow tires can’t do their job properly.

Why Are Snow Tires Better Than All-Seasons?

All-season tires are designed for cold and wet weather conditions. If you live in an area with mild winters, all-season tires might be a good choice. However, for winter driving, specialists recommend snow tires.

Can I Use Only Two Tires or Do I Need Four?

The answer is to never use just two snow tires, because it’s dangerous. If you do that, your traction and road grip will be affected, because regular tires behave differently on snowy roads. Although buying four snow tires may seem like a more costly option at the moment, it’s a profitable investment over the long term, both financially and for safety reasons.

Need Assistance?

If you want to know more about snow tires or need the help of a mechanic, TalkLocal can connect you with reliable professionals in your area. Just give us a call. It’s free.


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