How to Winterize Cars

How to Winterize Car - Auto Repair

Driving a car in the winter is slightly more complicated than driving during normal weather conditions.  You should take certain steps before going out to take on snow, sleet, and ice.  Do not take winterizing your car lightly.  You need to be prepared to drive through the severe weather.  Keep reading if you want to learn how to winterize cars.

How to Winterize Cars

If your car is due for a 3,000-mile service you should not put it off. This means you need to get the oil changed and test oil viscosity so that your vehicle is in tip-top shape.  As the temperature drops, oil tends to thicken, and if it is too thick it will not be able to properly lubricate the engine.

You will also need to check your windshield wipers. Usually, windshield wipers work well for about a year. Make sure there is enough washer fluid as well. Furthermore, you need to make sure the heater and defroster in your car are working properly so you can stay warm and see properly when you are driving.

Another area you need to check is your battery.  Either replace the entire battery or simply make sure that the connectors are not corroded and that everything is in working order.  You can have it serviced and tested to make sure it holds its charge.

Don’t forget to ensure that the tire pressure on all four tires is at an appropriate level.  When the air outside gets colder, the air inside the tires will contract, so you need to have the correct air pressure.  You may also want to add chains around your tires to increase their ability to grip the road when there is snow or ice.

You should also do a general service of lights, coolants, engine parts, etc.  Even with all this preparation, you should still be cautious when driving in severe weather conditions.

Need Help Winterizing Your Car?

If you have more questions about winterizing your car you should try to talk to a professional so that you can get the best help possible.  The easiest way to get in contact with reliable local mechanics is to use Seva Call. Just tell us what you need, when, and where, and we will connect you with the best professionals in your area in just minutes, for free!

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