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Exquisite Persian carpets beautify and give a personal touch to any type of indoor space. Nonetheless, they are very delicate, and an incorrect or superficial maintenance routine can make their colors fade away.

Of course, in order to prolong their lifespan, one would have to prevent them from getting dirty. But those who have pets and kids know that this is a mission: impossible. In this context, what type of Persian carpet cleaning method would be more appropriate?

The DIY approach

If you don’t want to rely on professional cleaning services, you can learn how to clean your most fragile carpets on your own, preferably in the garage or in a moisture- and odor-free indoor space. To obtain remarkable results, follow a few basic steps.

1) Vacuum your Persian carpet (both sides).

2) Gently shampoo the whole surface with a mix of mild soap or special rug shampoo and water. It is not advisable to use powerful cleaning agents based or ammonia  for this job.

3) Use the same mix to clean all fringes.

4) Rinse meticulously and then eliminate excess water.

5) Lay the rug on a flat, spotless surface, and let it dry thoroughly. If it feels stiff, brush it gently, or vacuum it again for a few minutes.

Save Time and Money with Spot Cleaning agents

If your rug has been recently cleaned, but still displays a few ugly stains, don’t try to wash it again. Use spot cleaning agents to solve this problem. Make your own, home-made stain removal formula based on the following ingredients:

– White vinegar (1/4 cup)

– Tepid water (2 cups)

– Dishwashing liquid (1/2 tsp.)

Ask an Expert

Worried that you may not have what it takes to clean your rug on your own? In this case, rely on professional Persian carpet cleaning services. Find the best professionals in your area with TalkLocal, your free service designed to help you meet great specialists in no time.


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