Cheap Ways to Heat Your Home

Cheap Ways to Heat Your Home - Heating and Cooling

The month of January has brought record-shattering low temperatures to many parts of the United States. Many families are struggling to find cost-effective ways to heat their homes without breaking the bank. As the weather continues to worsen, you could consider using these cheap ways to heat your home this winter.

Seal Around Your Doors and Windows

Covering areas around your door with towels or a makeshift draft dodger can make a big difference. Preventing cold drafts from entering can drastically raise the temperature in the areas of the home near that door.

You can also hang blankets and towels around your windows, or tape the frames, to keep drafts from leaking through the windows.

Put Down a Rug or Carpet

Rugs and carpets items help prevent heat loss through the floor. They offer a warmer surface to walk on and are a great way to stay comfortable on wood or stone floors.

Install Insulation in the Attic and the Crawl Space

Warm air rises, so a lot of heat escapes through the attic. By losing this heat, you could continue to raise the thermostat. However, this would cause you to lose a lot of money and still not sufficiently heat your home.

Speak with a Heating Expert

Does the house you live in have enough insulation to make it through the winter? Seva Call can help you track down the right professional to make sure your home is prepared for the many cold days ahead. Call now, so we can connect you with a reputable professional who can help you stay warm for the remainder of the season.

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