Using Boiling Water Heaters

Using Boiling Water Heaters - Plumbers

Boiling water heaters are wall-mounted appliances that are designed to heat up cold or room temperature water to its boiling temperature. There are different types of boiling water heaters; some are able to supply boiling water throughout the day, and others supply water at a range of temperatures from warm to boiling point.

These appliances are mainly suitable to be used in kitchen sinks, but they are also great for office pantries, canteens, studios, and waiting areas. A boiling water heater is both a time-saving and energy-saving device, making the task of boiling water quicker and more efficient than using a kettle.

A Green Option

Using boiling water heaters is an environmentally friendly way to get boiling water when you need it. Traditionally, water heaters heat up water 24 hours every day, regardless of whether there is a need for hot water or not, which is wasteful of energy. With the use of a boiling water heater, water is only heated on demand, which leads to higher savings.

Heating Capacity

There are different models of boiling water heaters to hold different volumes of water from 2.5 liters to 7.5 liters or more. You can fill up the heater tank to the maximum level or just fill it up partially with how much water you need. The tank has a scale that tells you the volume it currently contains in cups.

Choosing a water heater with a higher capacity allows more hot water to be readily supplied, which will cut the time of recovery significantly.

How They Work

To start heating up water, push the knob to select your desired water temperature from a range beginning with 35┬░ C up to boiling point. Once the heater has reached the chosen temperature, it will automatically switch off. It is also possible to re-boil water immediately.

Installing this Appliance

Installing boiling water heaters is not a simple job. There are various lines that must be linked and connected properly for the appliance to work. The proper power connection is also necessary to ensure effective heating.

Certified plumbing contractors are trained in installing boiling water heaters. So if you’re planning to add this to your kitchen at home or in your workplace, find someone qualified to do the job with Seva Call‘s help. Let us connect you with a service professional in your area in just a few minutes. Try us now!


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