Different Types of Sinks for Kitchen

Different Types of Sinks for Kitchen - Plumbers

The sink is definitely the most-used installment in the kitchen (aside from the fridge, which isn’t really an installment). And it is important to choose the best type of sink in order to maximize your convenience and to add to the value of your home. Read this guide in order to find out about different types of sinks for kitchen, so you can choose the best one for your home.

Undermount SinksĀ are mounted below a countertop in order to eliminate the annoying traditional “bump” around the sink, and are quite common sinks for modern kitchens. It is mainly designed this way to minimize the waste of space and to look appealing. Although poorly installed undermount sinks leak, quality epoxy and silicone-lined sinks should look subtle and be highly useful.

Drop-In Sinks are exactly what they sound like: they have rimmed edges, with some loss of usable surface area on the countertop. These rims hold the sink in place when it is installed by being “dropped-down” into place. These are the most common, and usually the cheapest type of sinks available.

Composite Sinks are similar to undermount sinks, but are made with a “composite” material that is more appealing to the eyes (as opposed to bland metal) and also more durable (impact and temperature variations). Because of the different material with out of which theyvare made, composite sinks tend to be more expensive, but also easier to install, as they aren’t very heavy.

Bar Sinks are small sinks that are designed for small-duty use such as cleaning out glasses or washing fruit, as opposed to more heavy-duty work like washing dishes. They are easy to install as they are small, and can add a lot of convenience to a home bar area, or as an alternate sink on the opposite side of the kitchen from the primary sink.

Cast Iron Sinks are known to be both durable and customizable. Cast iron is naturally a very workable material. Also, being customizable allows for the cast iron sink installment to fit into your home much easier. However, these sinks are much heavier than any other material, and thus, likely must be installed by a professional.

Additional Help

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