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Best Way to Clean Windows - Maid Services

Window cleaning is usually considered a tiresome assignment. Even so, it is extremely necessary to invest time and effort in this task, especially if you want to don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your neighbors.

What is the best way to clean windows? Let’s find out.

Don’t Skip the Prepping Phase

If you want to take pride in awesome, longer-lasting results, don’t even think about skipping the pre-cleaning phase. This means that you have to prep the windows before applying the cleaning agent. Wipe the entire area with a clean, lint-free, dry rag to eliminate the dust and debris buildups.

Find and apply the Best Cleaning agent

These days, there are hundreds of cleaning products you can use to keep your windows – and all your other glass surfaces – in excellent condition. The general recommendation is to stay far away from chemical-rich alternatives that may burn your skin, cause allergies and irritations, and even compromise objects placed in the vicinity of your windows.

If you are interested in identifying the best way to clean windows, note that common household products, like vinegar and dish detergent, can be viable substitutes for potentially dangerous chemicals used to eliminate dirt and impurities from glass surfaces.

1. Mix vinegar or dish soap with warm water. If you use vinegar, put this mix inside a spray bottle and spray it on your dirty windows.

2. Rub the entire area with old newspapers or with a clean cloth, until you leave it dry and shiny. In case you plan to use a solution based on dishwashing soap and water, distribute it evenly using a sponge or a strip applicator.

3. Once the dirt is gone, rinse the windows with clean water and rub them with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth until they are completely dry.

Ask an Expert

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