3 Ways to Clean Electronic Air Filters Fast and Effectively

3 Ways to Clean Electronic Air Filter Fast and Effectively - Heating and Cooling

Electronic air cleaners are used by millions of Americans who seek to improve indoor air quality and eliminate some of the most dangerous, microscopic pollutants triggering severe respiratory problems and other health concerns. In other words, electronic air cleaners trap the tiniest contaminants and help homeowners breathe cleaner, healthier air on a daily basis.

These devices are equipped with washable pre-filters and cells, which should be checked and cleaned regularly, at least once a month. Keep reading to discover three simple, effective ways to clean electronic air filters on your own, in the comfort of your own home.

First Method: Place the dirty pore-filters and washable cells in the dishwasher

Most homeowners use their dishwashers to keep their electronic air filters and cells dirt-free and fully functional. After the washing cycle is completed, simply take out the purified components and let them dry naturally. A drying cycle should never be considered a valid option, as it could easily damage cells and pre-filters, minimizing the efficiency of your electronic air cleaner.

Before opting for this fast, hassle-free cleaning method, make sure to read the dishwasher’s instruction manual. Some manufacturing companies might not recommend cleaning pre-filters and electronic cells by washing them in the automatic dishwasher.

Second Method: Clean electronic air filters in your bathtub 

You could also cleanse those filthy electronic cells and pre-filters by placing them in a bathtub filled with hot water. Add three quarters of high-quality dishwasher detergent for each cell; wait 15 or 20 minutes until the detergent manages to dissolve the dirt buildup and then let these components air dry.

Third Method: Wash pre-filters and electronic cells in your backyard, utilizing a garden hose

Last, but definitely not least, you could try to clean electronic air filters in record time using a garden hose. Wash those dirty pre-filters and electronic cells with plenty of water sprayed with moderate pressure to avoid damaging these essential parts of your device. If you are dealing with stubborn particles of dirt, rely on a good household detergent to get the job done fast and effortlessly. In the end, let these components dry naturally and put them back inside your electronic air cleaner when they’re perfectly dry.

Opt for one of these 3 easy ways to wash pre-filters and electronic cells and keep your appliance in perfect condition for a longer period of time.

Find an HVAC Expert

Looking for a real professional to complete this task on time and on a budget? Count on TalkLocal to find the best experts in your area. Whether you want to invest in professional maintenance services or you aim to conduct a DIY project, keep in mind that a monthly cleaning process is mandatory and can increase the lifespan and effectiveness of your device.

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