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When it comes to fixing some of the most common household issues that could disrupt your daily balance at home, you can always choose to conduct a DIY project. On the other hand, some challenges could easily exceed your knowledge and require the presence of a specialist.

Problems with your piping system, for instance, could easily be solved by a plumber in a cost effective manner. He could also offer you all the info that you may need, on products that could improve the functionality of your current system, like polyethylene pipe fittings, for instance.

Why are Polyethylene Pipes Such a Great Option at Hand?

Polyethylene pipes are extremely popular these days due to their long list of advantages, including their superior resistance, versatility, and prolonged, trouble-free service life (up to 100 years).

Moreover, they can be used in different applications, such as mining, agriculture, metropolitan, industrial, municipal, cable duct, gas extraction, and so on. They can transport various kinds of materials, like oils, clean water, wastewater, chemicals, compressed gasses, and even toxic waste. These pipes are solid, easy to install, and display a superior corrosion resistance.

Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Overview

There are various types of polyethylene pipe fittings currently available on the market. They have been designed and implemented to improve the functionality of the PE piping system. There are three categories of polyethylene pipe fittings: thermoformed, injection molded, and fabricated.

Reducers, tees, couplings, stub ends, flange adapters, 90 degree, and 45 degree elbows are standard molded fittings. Fabricated PE fittings are produced by uniting the sections of machined blocks, molded fittings, or pipes to obtain the desirable configuration.

Fabricated tee, full pressure reducing tee, fabricated elbow, and flange adapter are some of the most common types of fabricated fittings. Thermoformed fittings are created when a source of heat and a forming tool are utilized to remodel a heated surface, which in this case is a pipe section.

Ask an Expert

Don’t know which type of polyethylene pipe fittings would be more suitable for your next project? In this case, just discuss your options with an expert. Use Seva Call to find the best plumbers in your area. The whole process is free and easy.


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