What to Do if Frozen Pipes Burst

What to Do if Frozen Pipes Burst - Plumbers

As a result of record-shattering low temperatures, pipes have been bursting across the United States.  If this happens to you, then it will not take long for the water to wreak havoc on your home. You must act quickly and carefully in order to save your property from severe water damage. Here are steps that should be taken immediately if your frozen pipes burst.

Turn off the Water Supply

The most critical thing you have to do in dealing with a burst pipe is turning off the water supply and stopping the flow of water. As soon as the pipe bursts, quickly get to and turn the water shutoff valve. Every minute that the water runs in this situation, the more damage it causes.

Vent Moist Air Out

Open windows and place several fans around the area to help circulate the air and send moisture out the windows. If the pipe burst in an enclosed area, turn on one or several dehumidifiers to remove the water from the home.

Take Caution Around Flooded Areas

If there is an excess amount of water running in your basement or living area, then you may be tempted to run and retrieve valuable items. However, this is not the safe thing to do.

There is a very real danger of electrocution if there is an extension cord or other electrical item in the area that has become frayed.  If someone gets electrocuted, they may fall back, hit their head and sustain a serious or fatal injury.

Seek Help Immediately

If there is damage to the flooring or walls then you will need the services of a water mitigation company. These services clean up, dry out, and repair damage in situations such as this. Many of these companies manage the entire restoration process from working with your insurance provider, drying out the damage and making repairs.

In finding the best company to save your home, contact Seva Call. We will quickly connect you to the most reputable service in the area for this emergency. Seek help immediately in order to save the value of your home and valuables.

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