Installing New Hard Drive Laptop


Laptops, just like any other type of modern gadgets, require upgrades and repairs every once in a while. At some point in time, you may feel the need to replace the hard drive of your computer.

This is a relatively simple process that you can conduct on your own or with a little bit of help from a competent computer repair expert. Either way, follow the guidelines detailed below to complete this assignment in no time.

1)   Opt for The Best Drive for Your Laptop

When it comes to installing new hard drive laptop, make sure you purchase the best drive, designed to meet all your needs and requirements. 2.5-inch models are very popular these days and come with a storage capacity of 300 GB (or more). They have different spin rates (4,200, 5,400, and 7,200 rpm). Note that an elevated spin rate triggers a superior performance.

2)   Don’t Forget to Back up Your Important Documents

Choose the best method to transfer your files from the old drive to the new one. You can do this by using special software (Genie Backup Manager Pro is one option worth considering), or you could opt for the old-fashioned way, which involves the utilization of a blank CD or a portable USB.

3)   Remove Your Old Hard Drive

To complete this phase, you will need to consult the manual of instructions. Also, you will have to use a jewelers’ precision screwdriver set to remove the panel that hides and protects your old hard drive. But first, remember to shut down your laptop and remove its battery.

4)   Install the Recently Purchased Hard Drive

After completing phase 3, all you have to do is to install the new hard drive. Slide the drive into the drive slot. When the drive is properly positioned, a faint click is produced.

Otherwise, if your drive doesn’t seem to fit properly inside the slot, don’t force it! Remove it and try again, in a gentle manner. Identify and handle potential obstructions. Finally, secure the new drive using the screws that you removed in the third phase.

5)   Configure Your Drive

Drive configuration is the last phase. Install any necessary applications and drivers and don’t forget to copy important files that you might have stored on blank CDs or portable USBs.

Ask an Expert

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