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Student Version of Microsoft Office - Computer Repair

When your daily computer activities depend a great deal on excellent software, you must do everything in your power to select the right Office products addressing the needs of your family members. If you have only one PC in your home, the student version of Microsoft Office could be the best option at hand for you. This version is compatible with both Windows 8 and Windows 7 and can be downloaded for less than $140.

People who usually compare price tags and features before making a final decision could have various questions on their mind, like for instance: what’s the main difference between the home and the student version of Microsoft Office? Keep reading to discover the answer to this question, and don’t hesitate to contact a computer repair expert if you’re looking for advice allowing you to make an excellent investment.

Key Features of the 2013 Office Home and Student

The 2013 Office Home and Student priced at $139.99 comes with a plenitude of useful features allowing students to wow their teachers with flawless work, while also enabling parents to complete a wide range of work-related projects. Whether you need to rely on Word docs, Excel templates, Power Point design tools or OneNote reminders, the 2013 Office Home and Student has everything covered.

It even offers you the chance to store your documents, presentations, and photos online with SkyDrive at no extra cost. If you need to install Office products on just one computer, this home and student pack could be the perfect alternative for you.

How to Make an Inspired Decision

Before downloading a certain version, consult Microsoft’s comparison chart, allowing you to analyze the features and price tags of different Office packages and purchase the one that is 100% right for you. Take a look at the chart and you’ll notice that the 2013 version of Office Home and Business costs a bit more ($219.99) and is suitable for both business and home use, unlike the student version of Microsoft Office, which is only for home use. Also, the Office Home and Business package comes with Outlook, enabling you to keep track of your daily tasks, send emails, and use calendars to organize your work.

Ask an Expert

If you’re not computer savvy, it could be difficult for you to identify the right Office suite for your entire family. Make an inspired decision by consulting a computer repair expert. Find the best specialist in town by relying on TalkLocal, a free service created to put you in contact with skilled professionals who work in your area.

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