Medicare and Medicaid Insurance for Dentists

Medicare Insurance for Dentists - Dentists

Dental care is vital for your well-being and overall health, but unfortunately, not all people have the access they deserve to dental care services. Surveys show that one out of two American adults cannot afford dental insurance, or at least are not enrolled in a dental insurance plan. This is true for many categories of people, including those who have Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

Medicare Insurance for Dentists

Like other insurers, Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for dental care services, unless the patient suffers from a condition covered by the insurance company, which requires that person to be hospitalized. This equals almost zero dental coverage. If you have Medicare insurance, and want to go to the dentist for basic, routine services, such as checkups, cleanings, extractions, and fillings, you are unlikely to benefit from coverage. Most dentists do not take Medicare insurance, and you’ll have to pay the bills entirely from your own pocket.

Does Medicare Cover Any Dental Care Services?

However, Medicare insurance can cover some dental care services in particular circumstances. The eligibility criteria are complicated, and coverage is restricted to specific conditions and medical situations, such as those associated with surgical procedures. These may include jaw reconstruction as a result of injury, or infections following extractions.

If you have a Medicare insurance and want to know more about the specific circumstances when you might use your coverage, it is best to discuss the details with your insurer to make sure you know what to expect. As for general dental care, it’s advisable to search for alternative dental plans that will allow you to benefit from dental care.

Regular dental care and prevention are essential for your oral health, as they allow you to avoid further complications, which might require complex and expensive dental procedures to restore your oral health.

Medicaid Insurance for Dentists

Medicaid is a national program, which aims to help low-income people gain access to healthcare services. Eligible categories include children, elderly, impoverished, or disabled people, and pregnant women.

However, when it comes to Medicaid insurance for dentists, things are complicated, as many dentists choose not to participate, and most of them do not accept this type of insurance.  Many people who have a Medicaid insurance have limited or no access to dental care. Most often, Medicaid coverage is limited to emergency services at best.

The Medicaid program requires the state to cover at least half of the costs associated with healthcare services provided to those insured. However, in recent years, less than 50 percent of the states offer assistance in this matter. Medicaid eligibility criteria vary from state to state, and include age, income, and number of family members.

Medicaid Insurance for Dentists and ACA

The controversial Affordable Care Act aims to make dental care available to a larger number of children, and to introduce educational programs with the purpose of promoting preventative care. Unfortunately, for uninsured adults, things don’t look that bright, as only a tiny five percent of them may expect an improvement of their situation as far as dental care is concerned, as a result of ACA.

Dental care is critical for your overall health. That’s why you need to reconsider your options if you have Medicaid insurance, by trying to find ways to benefit from dental services when necessary. Preventative care, periodic screening, and regular checkups can minimize dental services costs over the long term.

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