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Oral Surgery Insurance - Dentists

Health insurance coverage varies significantly from plan to plan. When it comes to oral surgery, some procedures may be covered, while others won’t. Here are some general guidelines to help you get an idea about which oral surgery procedures are covered and which aren’t.

Medical Insurance and Oral Surgery Insurance

Medical insurance generally covers oral surgery procedures, which maintain your health. These may include procedures for facial trauma resulting from accidents and injuries, jaw disorders, or facial deformity correction. Specific dental procedures aren’t usually covered by medical insurance. However, policies may vary. There are distinct dental insurance plans, which offer partial coverage for dental procedures.

What Oral Surgery Procedures Are Covered by Dental Insurance?

Your dental insurance may cover procedures such as fillings, root canals, crowns, or bridges, but only partially. Generally, full coverage is offered for routine checkups, such as cleaning or preventative care. Wisdom teeth extraction may also be covered by dental insurance, at least part of the cost.

Are Cosmetic Procedures Covered by Dental Insurance?

The basic principle for insurance coverage is that the surgical procedure is supposed to make you healthier. Procedures which are considered to be of a cosmetic nature, are not typically covered by dental insurance.

Dental implants, gum grafts, tooth whitening, or veneers, for instance, are regarded as cosmetic procedures, and are not usually covered by insurance. However, there are dental plans, which offer full or partial coverage for some cosmetic procedures, such as braces.

To find out exactly what to expect about the costs of your oral surgery, it’s best to talk to your dentist. Even though many surgical procedures may not be fully covered by your medical insurance, you can discuss your options with your oral surgeon.

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