Porch Column Repair Kit to Restore the Beauty of Your Porch

Porch Column Repair Kit to Restore the Beauty of Your Porch - Handyman

By design, porch columns typically hold significant weight, whether from the roof or a second story area. As such, it is important to ensure that porch columns are strong enough to support the structures of your house. However, porch columns are naturally exposed to weather conditions and they eventually are damaged.

The top and bottom of a porch post have the tendency to deteriorate or rot. Porch columns also tend to split without proper maintenance. Fortunately, rot and other types of damage can be easily repaired and reversed with a basic porch column repair kit. Do not attempt to repair severely damaged columns.

Dealing with Wood Rot

1. Stop the spread of wood rot by removing the rotted section of the column. Make sure there is no drop of moisture on the remaining material. If necessary, leave your work area open for a couple of days to allow moisture to evaporate.

2. Use water putty or an auto body-filling product to fill in the damaged sections.

3. Sand the post into shape with the appropriate sanding tool.

4. For large rotted sections, cover them with new material from crown molding or baseboard. Nail the cover in place. Use silicone caulk to seal any seams.

5. Paint or apply stain to match the existing surface.

Fixing Cracks and Missing Areas

1. If the wood grain of your porch columns has vertical cracks due to drying, you’ll need to have wood glue (exterior grade) in your porch column repair kit and apply this into the cracks of the wood using a large syringe.

2. Wrap the column with double-strap clamps, placing clamps each at the top and bottom of the crack. Tighten the straps and cinch them up together with a ratcheting clamp until the crack seals.

3. Clean up the excess glue on the column. Leave it overnight to dry.

4. Apply water putty or auto body filler into any missing areas. Color the putty with dye stain or paint to match the rest of the porch column.

Applying a New Coating

1. If the paint on your old porch is already faded or chipped, it’s high time to give it a fresh coat of paint or stain.

2. Bring out your porch column repair kit and start by sanding down the column to its base material. Use a belt sander to quickly sand big sections and use small sanding device or hand sanding for details.

3. When it comes to the type of paint, go for exterior house paint with semi-gloss latex finish. If applying wood stain, apply clear finish over the stain. Painted columns should be primed first.

4. Using a fine bristle brush, apply paint in long, even and vertical strokes without any drips as much as possible. Make sure the first coat is already completely dry before applying the next coat.

No Time to Repair Your Porch?

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