Resizing Kitchen Cabinets

Resizing Kitchen Cabinets - Handyman

Custom-made kitchen furniture can be quite expensive. If you want to reduce expenses without making any quality compromises, think about modifying factory-made cabinets that are usually extremely affordable. Resizing kitchen cabinets can be a simple task, as long as you follow all the right steps detailed below.

How to Resize Factory-Made Cabinets in a Few Easy Steps

You don’t need to rely on professional services provided by a handyman to resize your cabinets, as long as you have lots of spare time on your hands and a basic set of tools. For excellent results, just follow these simple guidelines:

1)    Disassemble your old cabinets: remove all drawers, doors, and additional hardware pieces.

2)    Using a power saw, eliminate excess depth from shelves and the rear of the old cabinet.

3)    Reattach all components.

4)    Using the same power saw, chop the plywood sheets to the right dimensions.

5)    Install the smaller components, using nails or adhesives on the rear and on the sides of the cabinet.

6)    Attach the lateral pieces and the back of the cabinet.

7)    Remove the cabinet’s extension front, cut it and give it a nice finish; then reattach it using glue or nails.

8)    Customize your extension drawer.

9)    Resize the old drawers by chopping their sides and their bottom with the power saw. Cut as much as you need to ensure a perfect fit; then reattach the newly resized drawers using a nail gun or adhesive.

Ask for Help

Resizing kitchen cabinets can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re not a big fan of relatively complex DIY projects. If you want to simplify your mission, choose to hire a competent handyman. Find the best ones with TalkLocal, your reliable connection to reputable professionals. Use it on a daily basis to meet gifted professionals who live and operate near you.


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