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Outside Wood Stoves - Heating and Cooling

Most people who want to heat up their homes and businesses in a convenient manner choose to purchase and install an outside wood stove. Outdoor wood stoves trigger lower utility bills, display increased efficiency, and help users save a significant amount of time otherwise invested in lengthy maintenance routines associated with traditional wood stoves.

Check out the Main Advantages Provided by High-Quality Outdoor Wood Stoves

Those who want to turn their properties into warm, cozy environments the easy way, without breaking the bank while addressing their unique heating needs, should consider investing in an outdoor wood stove which offers multiple benefits, including:

– Lower Utility Bills (no heating bills for those who choose to utilize only scrap wood): Recent studies indicate that homeowners and business owners who use outside wood stoves benefit from financial savings ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 over an entire decade.

– Reduced Safety Risks and No Mess: The wood burning process takes place at least 500 feet away from your property, so modern outside wood stoves pose minimal safety risks, as long as they are properly operated.

– Increased Efficiency: Sophisticated outdoor wood stoves are specially designed to boost the combustion and ensure superior heat delivery.

– No Health Concerns: Burning wood inside your house may cause a wide range of respiratory problems and lower your level of comfort. Outdoor wood stoves eliminate this threat and boost your quality of life.

Identify the Disadvantages of Outdoor Wood Stoves

Outdoor wood stoves also have their fair share of disadvantages. They are relatively expensive (newer models cost somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000 on eCommerce websites) and installation services are quite pricey.

Moreover, some models display a low efficiency below 50%, inferior to the one associated with most traditional wood burning stoves, estimated at 70-80%. This means that these low-efficiency stoves emit darker, smellier smoke that could attract many complaints from your neighbors. Furthermore, cheaper models have a short lifespan, rust easily and can deteriorate over a short period of time.

Ask an Expert

Is an outside wood stove the best alternative for your family? When in doubt, discuss your heating options with your heating and cooling expert. Find the best ones with TalkLocal, your trusted connection to the best professionals in your area.

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