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Best Electric Heating System - Heating and Cooling

The most common way to heat homes and buildings in the United States is to use an electric heating system. Everybody is aware of the high costs of electricity, so many Americans are dreading their upcoming winter heating bills. Despite this, electric heating equipment remains very popular because it’s versatile and more convenient to use than other heating devices. This short guide will help you to make the best electric heating choice for your home.

You can place an electric heating system anywhere in your home – in the attic or basement or any other room that needs heating. Electric heaters are more affordable and easier to install than gas heaters, which will require a chimney for emissions, and proper air vent installation.

Types of Electric Heating

Electric heaters work by converting electrical energy into heat. Here are the types of electrical heaters available in the market:

Radiant Heater – consists of a heating element and a heat reflector. It is designed to heat an object rather than warm up the air in the room. Use this type of heater when you just need to heat a small area like a garage or a small store or office.

Fan Heater – consists of a fan that forces air across a heating element, producing heat that is distributed to warm up a room. It is ideal for a small space when quick heating is needed. It is also best for occasional use only and not as a primary source of heating.

Convection heater – consists of a heating element that permits air flow, warming up the air and circulating it using convection. It produces a steady and uniform heat. It is best suited for medium-sized rooms that need heating for a longer period.

Night storage heater – consists of heating elements inside brick-like insulating materials that heat up overnight or during off-peak hours, when electricity is cheaper, and then slowly release the stored heat over the course of the next day. This electric heating system makes sense only if your electric company offers off-peak rates and if heating is needed much more during peak hours.

Under floor heater – a central heating system that uses a series of electric wiring that is installed under or within your flooring to keep floors and rooms warm. It is a great alternative to bulky radiators and is commonly used with tiled or stone floors, but can also work with wooden or carpeted floors. It provides a warm consistent temperature even in large spaces, but can be expensive to operate, so consider this before installing in a large room.

Find Your Perfect Electric Heating System

As you can see, there are several kinds of electric heaters or heating systems to choose from. Learning more about your options could help you choose a system that will heat your home in the most efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective manner. Consult a heating professional to help you decide on the best electric heating system for your home. Let TalkLocal help you get in touch with a pro right now.

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