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Slow Release Plant Food - Landscapers

We all want to have beautiful gardens with resplendent plants. And we all know that this requires an important ingredient in a plant’s life: the fertilizer, or the plant’s food.

Use Plant Food Intelligently

You should be very careful when buying your plants’ food. Fertilizers usually contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. That is why you will find three numbers on the package. In general, the quantities are equal. Sometimes fertilizers contain more nitrogen.

It always depends on your plants’ needs. Some plants may not need fertilizer at all. That is why you should know all the information related to your plants, in order to give them the food they need.

Slow release plant food is a convenient means of fertilizing your plants, which can allow even the busiest people to enjoy a beautiful natural environment.

What is Slow Release Plant Food?

Slow release plant food can save you time. They are fertilizers that can be released slowly in your plants’ daily meals, so you don’t need to feed them on a regular basis. For instance, if you apply this type of fertilizer once, your garden will be fed for up to three and even six months.

They are quality products, conceived with the help of professionals, bearing the necessary nutrients for your plants. They can help your plants grow twice or three times as big. Therefore, you can benefit from three major advantages if you choose to use slow release plant food:

– more time

– less concern and work

– big and beautiful plants

How to Use Slow Release Plant Food

These fertilizers should be applied directly into the container of the plants. You should apply them using a spoon or the shaker’s top provided for some of the products. They are designed for both outdoor and indoor plants, so you can use them freely for all your plants.

Need Help?

There is a great variety of slow release plant foods on the market, and you may find it difficult to pick up one. Or you may have questions regarding specific plants. Seva Call can assist you with this or any other landscaping needs. We can facilitate your contact with experts in the field; so that you can get the information you need or get going with your landscaping projects.


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