Using Anti-Mold House Paint

Using Anti-Mold House Paint - Painters

Mold is one of the most common problems shared by homeowners everywhere. If neglected, mold growth can damage your home and contribute to different health issues.

There are a number of ways to lessen the likelihood of developing a mold problem in your home, one of which is using anti-mold house paint. While several paint brands today offer products that effectively inhibit the growth of mold, it is important to take note that these products cannot exterminate mold.

How Does Anti-Mold Paint Work?

First of all, mold will grow in any environment where these elements are present: moisture, organic material, and warm temperatures (60-100 degrees Fahrenheit).

To prevent mold growth, anti-mold paint has antimicrobial agents and additives that resist stain and traps odor. It also stops moisture and water infiltration. Anti-mold paint products that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency follow regulations concerning Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and anti-microbial inhibitors.

How to Use Anti-Mold Paint Effectively

Before using anti-mold paint, the crucial first step is to eliminate the source of the mold. Simply painting over a moldy surface will not work. The underlying mold must be removed first, and the water source that is feeding the mold growth should be identified and addressed to ensure there will be no future contamination.

If the surface has no mold, however, prepare it for paint application by simply power washing it. Ensure the surface is clean and completely free from contaminants like dirt and grease. The surface should also be completely dry before paint application.

On the other hand, surfaces with mold have to be treated first with the proper fungicidal solution before being power-washed. Follow the product manufacturer’s instruction when applying the fungicide. If this doesn’t work to completely eliminate the mold, scrub the surface with a solution of water and bleach (3:1 ratio). Leave the solution on for 24 hours and then rinse thoroughly. Next, apply another coating of the fungicide.

If the surface appears to have deeply-rooted mold, it is best to hire professional mold cleanup and removal services. You can apply anti-mold paint on walls, ceilings and sub-floors of old and new buildings.

Find a Professional Painter

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