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These days, more and more people are looking for items that could help them reduce the frequency of costly, time-consuming roof maintenance routines. The best gutter guards match this description, since they enable homeowners to clean their gutters less often and ensure a satisfactory protection against dead leaves, debris, and dust.

Are the Best Gutter Guards a Smart Investment?

There is no simple answer to this question. Yes, these items can be purchased and installed to reduce the frequency of regular gutter cleaning operations, but they do not guarantee a foolproof barrier against impurities year-round. This is the main reason why, even if you were to choose to install gutter cleaners, you’d still have to check your gutters periodically and make sure they’re not clogged with water, leaves, or ice.

What Kind of Gutter Guards Should I Buy?

There are six different types of gutter guards:

1)   Foam gutter guards: this type of product is made of plastic and prevents dust from getting inside the gutter.

2)   Reserve curve gutter guards: this model sends the water inside the gutter via its small slit and makes most leaves land on the ground.

3)   Bottle brush gutter guards: this model keeps you gutters clean and also deters mice, snakes, birds, and rats.

4)   Non-gutter covers: in this case, thin louvers are utilized to divert raindrops off the roof of your home

5)   Nylon gutter guards: these elements don’t have to be linked to your roof shingles and they ensure an excellent protection against ice accumulation and snow piles.

6)   Mesh gutter guards: these sheets are attached to roof shingles; they have small or large holes that let the water flow down the gutter. Smaller holes are ideal, because they get clogged less often than large holes.

Choose the best gutter guards based on your needs. Keep in mind that newer models are easy to install, easy to clean, don’t require screws or adhesives, and have a long service life.

Ask an Expert

Not sure how to find the very best gutter guards on your own? In this case, just discuss your options with a competent roofer in your area. Find the best one with TalkLocal, a free service allowing you to track local experts with a few clicks.


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