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Hedgehog Gutter Guard - Roofers

The Hedgehog gutter guard is a filter that is designed entirely as a brush and it is placed inside the roof gutter to prevent the buildup of debris such as leaves, twigs, and moss, which typically causes costly obstructions. It is built with a core made of stainless steel wire that is interwoven with plastic bristles that are UV-resistant. The concept behind the Hedgehog gutter guard is to keep broad leaves and other large items from getting into the roof’s rainwater system.


Installing the Hedgehog gutter guard is quite easy. All you need is a ladder to reach the gutter and a pair of snips for cutting the cable.

1. First, clear the gutter of any debris, and then simply push the brush down inside the gutter with the bristles extending above the roof tiles.

2. The brush has a tile nose to secure it to the gutter.

3. If you’re unable to use this because you have a flat roof or low-hanging gutter, you can purchase special plastic clips to secure the brush.


The Hedgehog gutter guard is a great alternative to the usual gutter mesh. Some of its good points include:

– Very easy to install and fit

– Also easy to remove, if necessary

– Will not crumple or disintegrate into the gutter like a traditional gutter mesh

– Cheaper and simpler system than other products


As with any product, the Hedgehog gutter guard does have some downsides, including:

– Possible impact to aesthetics of your home since it might be visible from the ground.

– Does not completely keep out small debris such as fine moss or pine needles

– It’s not suited to a large higher capacity gutter only half round or square-line gutters

Maximize Results

Like any other gutter guards, this product still requires some maintenance. Don’t just install it and forget about it. It’s designed to help make gutter cleaning easier and not to completely eliminate the task for homeowners.

It would also work best if moss is first removed from the gutter prior to installation. It’s also a good idea to trim back any overhanging branches from nearby trees.

Get the Help of a Pro

If you need help with installing the Hedgehog gutter guard or with any roof maintenance job, Seva Call can connect you immediately with professional roofers in your area. Contact us now!


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