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Flat Roofs Repairs - Roofing

If your flat roof is leaking or has deteriorated because of aging and harsh weather conditions, you need to repair it. In some cases, if the damage is too serious, you might have to replace your roof completely. To make it easier for you, here are some guidelines:

Flat Roofs Repairs – Where to Start

First, you need to identify the source of the leak, and make sure you know what type of material your roof is made of. Different materials require different fixes, so inspect your roof and see what it’s made of. Look at the boarding of your roof. If it’s older, it’s probably made of chipboard.

Be careful when you inspect the roof, especially if it’s made of chipboard. This material becomes soft as a result of water infiltration and you might fall through. On the other hand, if your roof decking is made of tongue and groove plywood, you’re safer because this material is more resistant. However, watch out when you inspect your roof, and if you don’t feel at ease doing it, call a professional roofer.

Flat Roofs Repairs or Replacement?

Minor leaks that are detected early can usually be repaired easily. Once you identify the leak, if it’s not too big, you can use a sealant to cover the cracks. Make sure it’s the right product for the type of flat roof material you have and follow the instructions on the label for application.

However, if your flat roof has been leaking for a while and you’ve been postponing repairs, the entire structure may be affected, and you might have to replace the roof. To be on the safe side, it’s best to talk to a professional roofer before deciding.

Find an Expert

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