Flat Roof Membrane Installation Made Easy

Flat Roof Membrane Installation Made Easy - Roofers

One of the problems with having a flat roof is preventing water and snow from pooling on the roof. Some install pipes or use tar paper and gravel to make a flat roof watertight. By installing a flat roof membrane made of different compounds, including synthetic rubber, water can be directed to flow off the roof.

The membrane is UV-resistant, and it’s easy to spot leaks. Here’s a quick guide on how to install a flat roof membrane:

1. Prepare the Roof                      

The roof must be clean in order for the flat roof membrane to adhere well. Usually, these membranes are installed on top of roof shingles. Make sure you use a cleaner that is suitable for the type of shingle on your roof.

However, if you are installing a flat roof membrane before roof shingles have been installed, use a solution of water mixed with a little oil-free liquid soap to clean the roof.  Allow the roof to dry before installing the membrane.

2. Make Sure the Membrane Fits

Measure the dimensions of your roof, and trim the flat roof membrane to the required size. Trimming is important to ensure a correct fit, not too long or short. Once the membrane is trimmed, spread it out on the roof and move it about until it fits properly. Make any necessary adjustments.

3. Install the Membrane

Now, you’re ready to attach the membrane. Open the bonding adhesive and mix very well before using. Starting in one section, remove the membrane from the roof.

Using a paintbrush, apply the adhesive onto the roof and then onto the back of the membrane. Be sure not to use too much adhesive around the edges to avoid messy sides when the membrane is attached.

Press down the membrane over the roof. Remove air bubbles by running a roller brush over a section. Continue to the next section, and so on, until the entire flat roof membrane is attached.

4. Final Steps

Finish up by cleaning the seams of the flat roof membrane with soapy water (same solution as in Step 1). Then, put seam tape along the seams. Leave the roof alone for several hours to let it cure.

Need Roofing Help?

Installing a flat roof membrane requires a lot of elbow grease, but the steps above should help you get the job done. Most homeowners, however, choose to hire a professional to take care of the installation. TalkLocal offers a free service to help you find the right service professional. Contact us now to find a qualified roofer in your area.

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