How Much Do Tailors Charge?

How Much Do Tailors Charge? - Tailors

Ready-to-wear clothing rarely fits exactly, and this is where tailoring services come in. You can have your clothes altered to fit you perfectly or even order a custom garment. One of the first questions any customer would ask hiring a tailoring service is: how much do tailors charge? The cost of tailoring services will vary depending on the type of clothing, what alterations need to be done, and other factors.

Average Fees for Alterations

The general practice when estimating the cost of having a piece of clothing altered is to start with the original price of the garment and take around 5-20 percent of this price as the tailoring fee. For example, if the suit you bought is worth $200, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $40 to have it altered by a professional tailor. The average cost of tailoring ranges from $5 up to $80, but this will be different from one geographical area to another.

The type of clothing also affects tailoring costs. How much do tailors charge for a shirt? How about for a suit? For sure, you can expect to pay less to have a shirt tailored than a suit. The average cost to alter a casual shirt is around $5-$20. To alter a suit, it can cost about $16 just to shorten the sleeves. Dresses that need to be altered can cost around $20-$60, depending on the fabric and the specific alteration needed. You can pay around $15 for basic shortening. To shorten pants, it can cost as little as $10-$50.

Do tailors charge a fixed rate? Some tailor shops do charge a fixed fee regardless of what clothing will be altered. For example, a store may charge $20 for any two items to be altered.

Extra Services

Some tailors offer in-home services where they come to the customer’s location, whether at home or in their workplace or any other site, to provide tailoring services. Of course, this personalized service would cost more. Pick-up and delivery of items are also typically available for an additional fee as well as rush tailoring, although many alterations can be done fairly quickly, usually within 2 to 3 days.

Hire an Experienced Tailor

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