Summer How-To: How to Add Color to Your Garden All Summer

When you’re having people over this summer, maybe for that annual July 4th barbecue, you want your home to be at its prime. No more relatives coming over saying the grass on the front lawn is too long or that your garden is looking subpar. There are five summer flowers that will add that pop of color to your garden and will keep accentuating your home until the season ends. Here they are in all their colorful glory:

1) “Goblin” Blanket Flower: This red, yellow, and maroon flower blooms June to August and is one tough flower. It can withstand hot and dry soil, poor soil, as well as seaside weather and soil conditions. This flower does need full sunlight to properly bloom and develop.



2) Red Valerian: This flower varies in color from a pink to a lilacy-red to a strong red. It blooms in late June to August and again to frost. It is easy to maintain, being able to endure any condition except wet/boggy shade. It needs full sun to partial shade in order to properly live.


3) “Moonbeam” Threaded Coreopsis: This bright yellow flower blooms from June to frost and is beautiful in its daintiness but colorful presence in the garden. It needs full sun to partial shade.



4) “Pink Jewel” Daisy Fleabane: A bright pink flower with a yellow center that blooms June to September.  It is truly a low maintenance plant as it requires full sun and can withstand light shade.



5) “Hidcote” English Lavender:  This tall deep blue-purple flower blooms from June to August and requires full sun.  For this plant, too much moisture is a problem, so make sure the area you wish to plant it has good drainage.

We hope you are able to plant these beautiful flowers to add some color to your garden for the entire summer! If you enjoyed this summer how-to, be sure to check out talklocal’s blog or Pinterest account for more helpful tips.


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