Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard - Landscapers

The front lawn is the first thing you see when you come home, the first thing people see when they visit you, the first impression for every person that drives by your house.  Landscaping can really change the entire look of your house.  If you want your front yard to stand out you should try out some new ideas for grooming your front yard.

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

1) Green lawn: A vibrant, green lawn is the first step towards landscaping your front lawn. If your grass is patchy and brown, nothing else on your front yard will look very appealing.

2) Potted plants: You should try to put a lot of vibrant bright colors around your lawn. This will make it seem far less bland, and will accentuate the exterior of your house.

3) Koi ponds: A lot of people also turn to small little ponds or seating areas that will encourage people to spend more time on their front yard. Ponds can also bring a feeling of serenity to your yard, especially if you fill your ponds with fish.

4) Flower beds: Flowers and such perennial plants will really pop against a well-watered lawn. Again, try to choose flowers of different colors to add some aesthetic appeal to your lawn.

5) Hedges: Hedges can be used to create natural barriers to your lawn, acting as a boundary between your yard and the street, the driveway, or even your house.

6) Trees: Like hedges, trees can provide a natural barrier for your yard. Well-placed trees can also provide shade for a front patio or even for your house during the hot summer months.

7) Gnomes/statues: If you want to add a little pizzazz to your lawn you can add some lawn gnomes and statues. Try to stick with smaller statues, and scatter them among the flower beds, or other areas. Clusters of large statues could look too gaudy.

8) Rocks: Rocks seem a little strange to have, but medium size rocks in different colors or patterns can pull the whole lawn together, giving it a more natural feel.

9) Patio/Seating: A patio or seating area can make your lawn seem very welcoming to guests. And it is always nice to have a pleasant place to relax when the weather is nice. A stone pathway can create another form of barrier between your yard and the surrounding areas, such as your driveway.

Additional Help

A welcoming front yard can really enhance your life.  People will be drawn into a happy space and your house will soon be the best looking place in the neighborhood.  Once you finish landscaping the front yard you can move on to the back yard as well.  Creating uniformity between the spaces will really improve the look of your entire home.

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    Hi there, Great tips by the way and thank you.
    I did have a question though. I’m hoping you can answer it for me since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about gardening.
    Can I use a plastic liner in a raised bed for vegetables?
    If you had some insight I would greatly appreciate it.

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