Spring Cleaning Early Bird: Tackle Cleaning the Fridge and Pantry!


Cleaning the fridge and pantry ahead of other spring cleaning tasks is a smart move. After all, what else can you do right now? You’ll still need your winter clothes for another few weeks. In the yard, the weeds and unruly hedges buried under snow are the least of your worries at the moment, and no one will visit the house in this weather unless it’s Christmas – which was last year. So, cleaning that fridge and pantry is the best way to get a head start on your spring cleaning.

Plus, cleaning and reorganizing your food storage early and often reduces the spread of bacteria, reduces waste from missing or hidden food, and frees you to extend the “Help yourself” offer to more guests without fear of shame or embarrassment.

No one likes opening a fridge to sights and smells that would cause some to lose their appetite.

Here are 4 tips for cleaning your fridge and organizing your pantry.

Save time:

Especially when dealing with perishables, time is of the essence. If you’re doing a thorough cleaning that involves removing food and shelves…

– Clear enough counter space
– Have an empty kitchen trash bag on the ready
– Set out boxes to organize cans or condiments
– Have all your cleaning supplies on hand

Dilute strong cleaning products with water or use green cleaning supplies:

For those stuck-on messes, ammonia is helpful only if heavily diluted (about 1:5 at most). Baking soda and water also make a great odorless cleaning agent. Just be sure not to leave strong odors or any caustic chemical residue behind when cleaning your fridge. Strong chemicals could harm your body if ingested over time or even subtly disrupt food flavors. Or, to be extra safe, consider BabyGanics all-purpose cleaner.

Toss out the junk while you’re at it:

It’s been proven that a McDonald’s hamburger could possibility outlive anyone foolish enough to eat it. Unfortunately, all those preservatives don’t have a similar effect on the human body. So, just because it’s still good, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t toss out the junk food with the rest of spoiled trash.

Make food easy to find (Out of sight means never in belly):

Now that you’ve tossed out the junk and disposed of the expired perishables, there’s plenty of room to make everything you have in-stock easier to see and use. Too often, the food we can’t find goes to waste or gets needlessly replaced. So, place that short bottle of Grey Poupon in front of the ketchup on the door shelf. Face labels forward when stacking canned goods and organize them by foot-type in case you need that second can of beans. Then, revel in your new found ability to pull together a meal on cheaper and shorter grocery trips.

Sounds nice in theory, but you just don’t have the time? Did you know that many cleaning and maid service companies offer one-time deep cleaning which can include your fridge and pantry if needed? And, no matter what’s lurking deep in those shelves, the professionals have probably seen worse.

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