You Can Insure That! An Introduction to Extended Warranties

Smoke Coming Out of Computer

If there’s one sure thing in life, it’s that accidents happen. You know you should buy insurance to protect the important things, like your healthcare, your car, your house, etc…but insurance can also protect you from the less-serious hassles in life, like when your past-warranty dinosaur-of-a-laptop from the Clinton presidency finally kicks the bucket. Below are some convenient types of insurance you never knew existed.


Today, a sudden computer failure without a warranty can be more debilitating than a broken finger. Along with the loss of your files, you have to quickly cough up the dough for a replacement to avoid falling behind on work. Fortunately, a multitude of businesses can sell you extended warranties to make the transition between computers a little less stressful.


TV commercials have made it common knowledge that motorcycle insurance is available, but some of us like our cycles better without a motor. If you live in a high-crime area, your bicycle is an enticing target for theft. Thankfully, there’s now a thriving bicycle insurance market. Some of the big names include Velosurance and Markel.


Many homeowner’s insurance policies won’t cover repairs to your plumbing system, and if you live in an area with substantial temperature changes throughout the year, pipe problems can be all too common. Once again, plumbing insurance can ease these worries, and there are a variety of providers to choose from.

If any of your possessions regularly costs you hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacement costs, insurance may be a good option. However, it can’t keep your things from breaking or disappearing in the first place. When you need something replaced or repaired, check out TalkLocal’s iOS/Android app or website to get connected to service professionals near you right away.

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