Burst Water Pipes

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No one wants to deal with a burst water pipe but every year, millions of Americans are caught off guard by this nuisance. If you have a burst pipe, it’s critical to act quickly to minimize the damage. To act fast, you need to know exactly what to do. Here are a few basic tips that will help you better handle any burst water pipes.

Steps to Follow

1. As soon as you notice a burst water pipe, turn off the water supply and remember the leak’s location. The water main valve is usually where the pipe gets into your house or under the sink.

2. Once you’ve turned off the water supply, you need to drain your plumbing system. To do that, turn on all cold-water taps and make sure you flush the toilets.

3. Switch off the water heating, and turn on your hot water taps to continue drainage.

4. Turn off the power. Water from burst pipes may damage your electrical wiring. This can destroy your appliances and puts you in danger. Turn off the electrical system, but make sure it isn’t wet. If any of its parts are wet, stay away from it because you might be electrocuted. Call an electrician right away.

What to Do Next

Before you fix the leaking pipe, you need to clean up the leaked water. If you caught the pipe burst early, chances are there’s not much water around the house. However, if it’s been dripping for a while, you need to be careful because the structure of the house may be affected.

You can try to repair the pipe yourself if the leak was caused by a loose fitting. You can also replace the broken pipe segment with a new one.

Looking for a Plumber?

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