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Summer How-To: How to Brighten Up a Room

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Many of us are not able to leave the house and vacation in the tropical islands of the Maldives over the summer, but that doesn’t mean our home has to feel like a dark box trapping us May through August. With help from a few tools, or even a handyman if you are unable to find the time to do so yourself, here’s how to brighten up a room for the summer:

Walls: Go for light colors, such as white or an off-white shade. If you don’t feel like painting all the walls white, you can definitely opt to paint one wall as an “accent wall”. If the room has big windows, this can help reflect the natural light when it enters the room, brightening the entire room.

Decor: To contrast the white walls, go for a pop of color with your decor. Colorful vases, coasters, or trinkets set around the room can make the room feel brighter and even happier.  You can decide to take the neon route (neon greens, blues, pinks) or traditional bright colors (teal, cyan, magenta, etc). For your windows, keep it simple with white blinds and if you want curtains, minimize and emphasize the natural light.

Furniture: The style of furniture in your newly brightened room is pretty flexible. Some may want a more beachy feel, going for wicker style chairs and wood colors with white accents. Some may want to continue with the color scheme of the decor and choose colored sofas and pillows. (Tip: To not only brighten your room but make it seem larger, aim for furniture with a minimalist silhouette and/or low sitting profiles.)

Remember that you are not alone in this process, TalkLocal is here to help you find a handyman, painter, or window replacement company at a moment’s notice!