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Physical Therapy Policies

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Physical Therapy Policies - Chiropractors

Physical therapy (PT) provides hope for many whose movements and physical functions are impaired by chronic pain and disability. Thanks to the help of licensed therapists, patients gain greater functional independence. PT allows them to get back to work and their daily routines.

If you are considering physical therapy, read this guide to get an idea of some common physical therapy policies.

Physical Therapy Policies

In seeking physical therapy, what procedures are in place to ensure every patient gets quality care?

1. Before a patient can receive physical therapy at a reasonable cost, a physician’s order or referral is necessary. The coordination between the physician and the therapist ensures the safety of patients. The referral comes with a detailed diagnosis and recommendations on the manner and duration of treatment.

2. Upon receiving the doctor’s order, a therapist will perform his own evaluation and develop a plan of care. Within 30 days, the ordering physician must then approve the therapist’s plan of care. This is often referred to as the initial certification. It will only be good for 90 days, so after that period, a re-certification is required.

This is done because a patient’s condition might change in that three-month span. Both the ordering physician and the therapist have to make sure that the plan of care remains updated and appropriate for the patient’s status.

3. Treatment begins on the day the plan of care becomes final. Under the current system, documenting each visit is essential both to guarantee service quality and to help later with billing requirements.

Therapists maintain notes describing how the session went, what therapeutic activities and exercises were done, and which medicines the patient was given. At the 10th session, the therapist has to prepare a progress report.

4. At the end of the treatment plan, a therapist issues a discharge note. If the documentation was properly done, facilitating billing and payments shouldn’t be a problem.

Have More Questions?

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