How to Treat Herniated Disc

How to Treat Herniated Disc - Chiropractors

When you have a herniated disc you will be in extreme pain.  This medical condition occurs when there is a traumatic event that affects the spine.  It causes the fibrous ring of one of the intervertebral discs to tear and bulge out.  This causes the spine to become inflamed which causes intense pain.  Lifting heavy objects, getting into a car accident; there are a million things that can cause herniated discs, as well as other back problems.  If you think you have one you should see your doctor or a chiropractor immediately.

Common Symptoms Of Herniated Disc

– Lower back pain

– Numbness

– Weakness, especially with movement

– Pain in various areas (occurs when a nerve is pinched)

– Tingling

– Muscle soreness or spasms

– Arm or leg pain

How to Treat Herniated Disc

Treating a herniated disc depends on the severity of the disc herniation.  Most people start with physical therapy and hot/cold compresses for relief.  Exercise and gentle stretching will help relieve pressure from the area.  You can also seek out help from a chiropractor to see if the disc can be realigned.  You could also seek out your doctor to be put on non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication.  Stronger narcotics can also be prescribed if the issue is serious enough.  In the most severe cases, a herniated disc may need to be fixed surgically.

Have A Professional Treat Your Herniated Disc

A professional chiropractor will know how to treat herniated disc. If you would like to speak with a chiropractor near you, just use TalkLocal. We will connect you with up to three chiropractic physicians in your area in just minutes, for free!

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