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Propane Gas Heating Installation and Maintenance

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Propane Gas Heating Installation and Maintenance - Heating and Cooling

Propane gas heating offers many advantages for heating homes. Unlike a standard electric furnace, a propane furnace produces hotter air. Compared to other fuel oil furnaces, it runs more efficiently and cleaner. It offers all the benefits of gas heating without the restrictions of being located near a natural gas pipe.

How It Works

Propane gas heating works by using a forced-air blower, which moves hot air through a pipeline network in your home. There are many available propane furnaces with efficiency ratings of 95 or higher, producing air that’s up to 25 degrees hotter than electric heating pumps. For homeowners, the ability of propane gas heating to generate hotter air simply means getting more heat in the home for less of the cost.

Modern propane furnaces are also not just energy-savers but space-savers, too. Many units designed to heat the entire house can fit into small spaces such as utility rooms and even closets. They are also quite durable with an average life span of up to two decades, longer than the average for electric heating pumps.

How to Install and Maintain

Propane gas heating serves the needs of millions of households for home heating. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of this type of heating, here are some useful tips:

– Rely on a heating professional for installation. A propane gas heating system must be installed only by a qualified service technician with the proper knowledge and training in installing, servicing, and maintaining a propane furnace.

– Teach your household how to detect leaks. Propane has a strong smell like a rotten egg, so it is quite easy to detect if there is any leak just by sniffing. Teach household members how to recognize the smell of propane so you can call a technician in for help at the first sign of a leak.

– Arrange for a yearly checkup. While your propane furnace is built for durability, it’s highly recommended to schedule a yearly professional inspection. When done by a qualified service technician, this inspection will ensure that the critical parts of the system, such as the pilot light and ventilation system, are all running at peak condition.

– You should have the furnace filter changed regularly to help the system stay clean and running efficiently.

Want Propane Gas Heating in Your Home?

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