Eco Electric Heating System Guide

Eco Electric Heating System Guide - Heating and Cooling

With concerns over climate change and dwindling fossil fuel supplies, people are being forced to rethink the way things are done. This includes methods for home heating.

Today, architects and builders are designing and constructing homes with excellent insulation and less energy consumption in mind. Eco electric heating systems are perfectly geared towards the global need for cleaner forms of energy.

Eco-Friendly Technology

One revolutionary eco electric heating system is underfloor heating, which uses radiant heat to slowly warm a floor surface. It is ecologically friendly and economical, particularly if the eco electric heating system uses renewable eco-friendly fuel sources such as hydropower and wind. The idea behind underfloor heating systems has been around for centuries, but developments in this technology have produced a system that is designed to warm homes without contributing to environmental deterioration.

Reduces Energy Waste

Underfloor heating is an excellent eco electric heating system, because it offers the advantage of local heating, allowing individual room temperatures to be adjusted according to the daily need for heating throughout the seasons. Because warmth is focused exactly where and when it is needed, energy is not wasted.

Heat Retention

Another feature of underfloor heating systems is heat retention, which is crucial to energy efficiency. Eco electric heating can retain heat for a long time after the power supply has been turned off. It may take some time to heat up, but it also takes longer to lose heat, so you can remain warm for some time after turning off the power.

This is possible because of the insulation boards that are embedded on the subfloor below the heating system. With the boards reflecting heat upwards, there is no lost heat, meaning reduced running times and energy use.

Consult with a Heating Professional

By choosing eco electric heating for your home, you’re doing your bit to slow the change in our climate. A heating professional can help you understand more about underfloor heating and advise you on its suitability for your home. TalkLocal is a free service that can connect you quickly with reputable professionals in your area. Try Seva Call now!

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