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How To Remove Paint From Glass

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

How To Remove Paint From Glass - Handyman

It happens to the best of us: while trying to freshen up the trim around your windows, you unknowingly splatter paint on the glass. It’s a common mistake, after all, you’re probably not a professional painter.

If you realize the misstep, a quick swipe with a wet cloth can remediate the problem right away. But what if you are on a roll and just don’t see it? You may be left wondering how to remove paint from glass. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

How To Remove Paint From Glass

1. Determine the type of paint (i.e. acrylic, latex, oil-based). Often the paint can will include a label with information on chemical solutions that will remove the paint.

2. Use a straight razor blade to lightly scrape off the paint. If possible, use a piece of cardboard to lightly press on the other side of the glass to prevent breaking. Rather than rubbing the blade, this step should focus on lifting the paint. When the blade gets dull, replace it. Pressing harder may break the glass.

3. If paint remains, use the correct chemical solution for your type of paint and apply according to product directions.

4. After removing the chemical paint stripper, wash the window with soap and water prior to applying a chemical glass cleaner. You do not want the chemicals of the stripper to mix with the chemicals of the cleaner, as it may create harmful gasses.

5. If small flecks of paint still remain, your razor should be able to remove them fairly easily.

Th-s process may be a bit time-consuming and require some elbow grease, but the result is a sharp, clean look to your home. After going through this process once, you will never again need to ask how to remove paint from glass because the process is relatively simple. You also may consider hiring a professional painter to avoid the issue next time altogether.

Further Assistance

If you are still having trouble, or have a massive project to tackle, you may consider hiring a professional handyman to remove the paint. TalkLocal can find you one in your area for free.