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How To Make Your Small Business Look Legit

Friday, September 25th, 2015


Starting a small business can be an ambitious decision in today’s market. One of the most important factors that will determine if you can get people interested in your product or service, is your ability to make your business seem “legit.” At TalkLocal, we grew from four guys in a basement to more than 60 employees in a DC-area office, and we account our growth and development as a company to our efforts of legitimizing our brand in order to attract clients. Here are some tips your small business should follow in order to seem legitimate in the eyes of potential customers:

Make your website seem professional

In the internet age, your business’s homepage can make or break deals. When a customer comes to the website of a company that they will potentially be doing business with, they expect it to be high quality. If your company’s website looks like a 13 year old girl’s blog from 2001, then it’s time to consider a serious upgrade. This article offers some simple tips about fonts, backgrounds, images, and information placement that can help you bring your website into the 2010s.

List an actual address

Nothing can make your business seem shadier than not having a physical address listed on your social media and website. When a customer doesn’t see an address, he or she will get a bad impression of your business and will not trust you. Even if it’s your home address you have to list, something is better than nothing, and a physical address goes a long way towards customers trusting you with their business.

Create company email addresses

If your small business is going to send a lot of emails, you should create company email addresses. If a consumer is deciding between one company that uses a Gmail account and their competitor with a company email account, they’re going to go with the guy with his own domain name; it just seems more professional. Websites like Hover make it easy for small businesses to get their own domain names and setup company email accounts.

Real-world networking

Never underestimate the power of face-to-face interaction or over-the-phone interaction when spreading the word about your business. Set up meetings with old colleagues or local professionals over lunch. Ask them for advice on how to grow your business. Also, tell them to spread the word about your company and the product or service you provide. If you’re looking to recruit, attend career or internship fairs at local colleges; this is an easy way to find qualified and motivated people to join your team!

Move into an office ASAP

You should move into a serious office as soon as possible if you want to really make your business seem legit. The benefits of having an office should be self-explanatory: having a place to bring clients to meet, having a place for the entire team to work, having your company name on a door, and creating a professional aura around what your company does. As soon as it is economically possible for you to do so, move your company into an office.

Here at TalkLocal, we found these actions have helped increase our customer base, internet presence, and expand our company’s professional network. We hope these steps will help you expand your customer base, but if you still need help generating leads for your small business, check out TalkLocal where we can give you leads for free in real time.

The Finalists For Business of the Month Are Here! Vote Now!

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Being a local service provider can feel like a thankless, often dirty, job. Our plumbers, mechanics, dentists, HVAC pros and others deal with the challenges we can’t handle. And the best of them do it with a sense of calm and candor that inspires our trust.

TalkLocal would be nothing without the millions of local professionals across the country who pick up the phone and deliver excellent service to our users. That’s why we’re launching the Business of the Month award to honor the small businesses we love and trust.

Sharing the story of a great business not only inspires others to dream big and work hard, it’s also free advertising for a business who deserves it. The featured business will be profiled on our consumer newsletter, social media, and a press release distributed to media outlets in their region.

Already, our users have nominated their favorite local businesses from across the country. Every month this year, those businesses will have a shot at getting the recognition they deserve. But, in order to win, they’ll need your votes.

Click here to cast your vote or submit a new nominee for future contests!

This Month’s Finalists Are: 

– 24/7 Handymen in Reading, PA
– Air Climate Solutions, Inc in Duarte, CA
– Atlantic Air in Jackson, NJ
– Barton’s Tree Care, LLC in Crofton, MD
– Bijan Air Conditioning & Heating in Chandler, AZ
– Cheaper Than A Geek!!! in Crofton, MD
– Grace Aire in Phoenix, AZ
– Kingdon A/C, Inc in Burleson, TX
– Martin’s Cooling & Heating, Inc in Naples, FL
– McKenzie Handyman Home Renovations in Atlanta, GA
– Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling, LLC in Alexandria, VA
– SOS Drug in Springville, UT

Our first winner will be announced on January 25th! Vote now!

Seva Call Arrives in Arlington

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Seva Call Arrives in Arlington - Seva Call

We are now welcoming our 7th Texas city into the Seva Call network, and it just so happens to be the 7th most populated city in Texas: Arlington. Arlington is unique, like any city, having its own infamous landmarks and a certain culture to call its own.

For Arlington, there is the original Six Flags, aka Six Flags Over Texas.  The city also boasts its unprecedented bowling culture, being home to the International Bowling Hall of Fame, the United States Bowling Congress (how cool is that?), and the International Bowling Museum.  Seva Call is excited to explore this incredible city, and most importantly, is excited to help accommodate the many people living in Arlington.

What Seva Call Does for Arlington

If you don’t already know, Seva Call is a company that helps ease the process of finding a service such as a plumber, handyman, or even massage therapist.  We know that in order to find a service that you rarely have to use, you probably Google some keywords and make sure a company is credible based off of ratings.  Then, you need to call and schedule appointments, and this could take some time and get frustrating. By shortening the process for you with our own algorithm, Seva Call enables you to be matched with a specific service provider that fits your schedule and needs.  To see how it all works, you can check out this short video.

You’ll find that in just 90 seconds, you will receive a phone call from Seva Call connecting you to just one service provider on the other line.  Chances are, this company we connect you to is the one you end up working with, and all you had to do was fill in a simple request form!

Arlington, we are ready to help you save a call, with Seva Call.

Hitting Up Dallas-Fort Worth!

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Well, Seva Man’s great tour of Texas is rolling along, and he’s downright giddy about the next stop on his tour of the Lone Star State: Dallas and Fort Worth are the third stops on our Texas Tour, and it looks like we came around at a great time!

We can’t thank only Dallas and Fort Worth for the wonderful hospitality. There are a handful of other wonderful cities in the Texan metropolitan area that Seva Man is also excited to visit.




Seva Man is now pleased to announce that Seva Call is now available to service all of these locations. You can catch a glimpse of what Seva Call is all about with this quick video.

When looking for local service professionals, Dallas locals can check out Seva Call, a free service that finds that plumber, roofer, or handyman and puts you directly on the phone with them.

If you give us the basic details about your service job, your location, and available times, Seva Call will take this information and find the most compatible service professional to do the job.

No more searching online. No more calling companies only to be told they can’t do the job or don’t service your area. We use a variety of quality assurance metrics to locate the best man or woman for the job. We keep your contact information private, and if you’re unhappy with the professional we find for you, we’ll gladly connect you with a second or third option so that you can compare and choose the best fit for you.

So, Dallas, next time you’re in trouble and its keeping you from the best state fair in the U.S., give us a call or go online to

Seva Call Is Firing Up In Kansas City

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Seva Call Is Firing Up In Kansas City - Seva Call

Imagine this: it’s a week before the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle. You’ve already got your personally-designed, slow-cooker safely stowed away in the U-Haul, and you’ve left just enough room for the kids in the backseat of your truck between two boxes of your finest homemade BBQ. You wake up, cross another day off your June calendar when suddenly, a pang hits your lower jaw.

Fear strikes. It’s a worst-case scenario.

You’ve got a toothache.

How are you supposed to enjoy all the pulled pork, beef brisket, slow-cooked goodness that is the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle with a toothache? You need your jaw in tip-top shape, and you need it fast!

Seva Call Is Firing Up In Kansas City!

Well you can toss those fears in the flames with the charcoal because Seva Call is firing up in Kansas City, Missouri. Seva Call can find you a nearby dentist in 90 seconds or less. All you need to do is check out Seva Call’s search engine and type in the service you need and where you need it. Then, stand by to hear from 3 top-rated service professionals who’ve already been vetted based on proximity, schedule, and consumer reviews. Plus, while they’ll already know what you need, they won’t have your personal information.

“The barbecue may cook slow, but it goes fast,” Seva Man says, on the road from Fort Wayne. “There’s no time to search the web or peruse the phonebook. We’ll connect you with three reputable dentists so that you can munch on barbecue with them best of them.”

If you’re in Kansas City, in pain, under-stressed, over-worked, and in full-fledged crisis mode, have Seva Call connect you to the help you need in over 50 service categories like handyman or auto-repair; and be sure to connect with us via Facebook and Twitter!

Seva Call Launch Heaps Service on The City of Seven Hills

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Seva Call Launch Heaps Service on The City of Seven Hills - Seva Call

The road through hilly Cincinnati is a bumpy ride, but getting to the help you need no longer has to be. If you live in The City of Seven Hills, you can tell needless hassles to take a hike. Seva Call has launched in your town and will help you connect to area professionals in real time without bumping into dead-ends along the way.

With Seva Call, you can talk to up to three available service professionals- like tutors, personal trainers, and handymen — without sorting through mounds of search engine results. With a few details about you, your schedule, and your problem, Seva Call finds 3 top-rated service professionals, and quickly connects you by phone so that you can ask questions, compare bonafides, and get the job done at the time right for you.

“Getting a live representative on the phone used to be an uphill battle; but, Seva Call combines  convenience and quality customer service and takes them to new heights”, says Seva Man.

Look at it this way. You know your friend who knew a guy who found out that his ex met her fiance on the Purple People Bridge. Well, had they been driving, they never would have talked, you know, because you can’t talk with cars. But, you can talk with Seva Call, you know? Seva Call is like the bridge between you and the beginning of a beautiful professional relationship — the people bridge version of the information superhighway, but orange instead of purple!

So, to all you good, decent, ‘Nati neighbors hitch hiking along the information super-highway hoping to catch a taxi, a florist, or any top-rated pro: go to to connect with a pro you can really talk to… you know?