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#BabiesVsPets Halloween Costume Contest

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


There is only one thing as cute as a pet, and that’s a baby. Put a Halloween costume on either a pet or a baby and you have created an unstoppable monster of cuteness, capable of melting every heart in its path. Baby and/or pet plus costume equals the single-most adorable thing in the universe hands down. The only thing more difficult than not falling victim to the awe-inducing charms of a pet or baby in costume is deciding which one is cuter. What sociopath could possibly fix their minds to choose between cute babies and cute pets? The combined forces of babies and pets embody everything good, beautiful, and pure; a life without either would be unlivable. It’s like choosing between air and water. Yet, here at TalkLocal, we challenge you to do the unthinkable.  Pets and babies together in one costume contest, and there can only be one winner!

To vote: check out the hashtag #BabiesVsPets, the most adorable place on the internet. Retweet and like  as many sweet pet and baby pics that you like. Who could fall in love with just one?

To submit your pet, baby, or both: share your baby or pet costume pics with @TalkLocal and use the tag #BabiesVsPets.

To win: Get the most faves and retweets by Midnight Monday November 2nd, and you’ll win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Need some extra funds for Holiday shopping? Here’s an easy way to get it!

Of course, babies and pets are equally cute in different ways. Plus, the love that parents and pet parents have for their beloveds has a glow that no single picture can capture nor retweet or fave can express. This is just a fun way to celebrate the internet’s most powerful feelings-targeted weapon, and share in the pride of all the parents who have  invested time, energy, and money to make the sweet eye candy of costumed pets and babies possible.

Click here to submit or vote!


The Finalists For Business of the Month Are Here! Vote Now!

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Being a local service provider can feel like a thankless, often dirty, job. Our plumbers, mechanics, dentists, HVAC pros and others deal with the challenges we can’t handle. And the best of them do it with a sense of calm and candor that inspires our trust.

TalkLocal would be nothing without the millions of local professionals across the country who pick up the phone and deliver excellent service to our users. That’s why we’re launching the Business of the Month award to honor the small businesses we love and trust.

Sharing the story of a great business not only inspires others to dream big and work hard, it’s also free advertising for a business who deserves it. The featured business will be profiled on our consumer newsletter, social media, and a press release distributed to media outlets in their region.

Already, our users have nominated their favorite local businesses from across the country. Every month this year, those businesses will have a shot at getting the recognition they deserve. But, in order to win, they’ll need your votes.

Click here to cast your vote or submit a new nominee for future contests!

This Month’s Finalists Are: 

– 24/7 Handymen in Reading, PA
– Air Climate Solutions, Inc in Duarte, CA
– Atlantic Air in Jackson, NJ
– Barton’s Tree Care, LLC in Crofton, MD
– Bijan Air Conditioning & Heating in Chandler, AZ
– Cheaper Than A Geek!!! in Crofton, MD
– Grace Aire in Phoenix, AZ
– Kingdon A/C, Inc in Burleson, TX
– Martin’s Cooling & Heating, Inc in Naples, FL
– McKenzie Handyman Home Renovations in Atlanta, GA
– Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling, LLC in Alexandria, VA
– SOS Drug in Springville, UT

Our first winner will be announced on January 25th! Vote now!