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Trash Burning Health Risks

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Trash Burning Health Risks - Garbage Removal

Cities versus Villages or Home Communities

Waste is incinerated on a regular basis in big cities and near villages. This is the best way of getting rid of dangerous chemical substances. In cities, the remaining toxins are projected into the atmosphere and they are then diluted, preventing people from inhaling them. In villages or smaller communities however, the smoke full of toxins is not projected high into the atmosphere and, consequently, there are certain trash burning health risks that we all take during the process.

Some of the Acute Trash Burning Health Risks

Non-specific symptoms that most of us can have as a result of being in the vicinity of a trash burning facility are:

– nausea

– burning eyes

– headaches

Who Should Pay Special Attention

People suffering from asthma, emphysema, or other respiratory conditions are especially concerned when it comes to the health risks of trash burning.

Some of the Chronic Trash Burning Health Risks

If you are being constantly exposed to trash burning smoke, you should know that your health is at risk. The parts of your body that can be affected because of a long-time exposure to the trash burning smoke are the following:

– your lungs

– your nervous system

– your liver and

– your kidneys

The effects on these parts of your body are not immediately visible, but may turn into chronic diseases after a number of years. Let’s give only two examples of the dangerous substances you are exposed to. Formaldehyde and paraffin can be found in cardboard, for instance. When they come in contact with your body they can cause irritation. Moreover, paraffin can be contaminated with other substances, potentially carcinogenic.

What Measures You Can Take in Your Community

1. Burn the trash as far as possible from the community.

2. Make sure the process is the shortest possible.

3. Remove all the objects that contain chlorine, such as napkins, cardboard, office paper, and plastics.

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