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Wall Switch Wiring

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Wall Switch Wiring - Electricians

Electric wall switches are quite durable. Still, at some point, they will wear out and will need to be changed out partly to avoid a fire risk. Sometimes, you simply want to upgrade to a new style of switch. As with anything that has to do with electricity, safety is always a concern, so it’s important to know the safe and secure method of wall switch wiring.

Safety First

Before starting any electrical work, make sure that the electricity is turned off. Locate your home’s circuit breaker box, and turn off the specific circuit breaker that connects to the switch you’re about to wire. Use a voltage detector to double check that there’s really no power supply at the spot you’ll be working on.

Disconnect Wires

Once you’ve verified that it’s safe to proceed, remove the switch carefully from the box by unscrewing it at the top and bottom. Using a screwdriver, remove the wires from the old switch. You’ll notice the wires at the top and bottom terminals are positioned in different ways. Make sure the wires are kept separate.

Begin Wall Switch Wiring

Strip away the insulation on each wire until about 3/8 inch of the wire is exposed. On the new switch, connect the wires to the correct terminal (top or bottom). At the end of each wire, form a loop using needle-nose pliers. Place the loops over the terminals. Screw tight each terminal screw.

Ground the Switch

The switch box normally has a ground post, to which you’ll connect the ground wire. If this is not the case, attach a grounding clip to the box’s bottom edge.

Final Steps

Hold the wire bundle together and carefully place inside the wall box, making sure no connections become undone. You can fold the wires accordion-style so they won’t get cramped.

Screw the switch body at the top and bottom to the corresponding areas of the box. Attach the faceplate. Turn on the circuit breaker to restore power, and test your new light switch.

Need Help with Wall Switch Wiring?

If you feel that this task is too complex for you, let an expert handle it. Take note that it is a must to call a professional electrician if the work involves the silvery-gray type of aluminum wiring. TalkLocal can give you a hand in finding quality electrical service. Call us now, and we’ll put you in touch with the right professionals in no time.