Wall Switch is Hot

Wall Switch is Hot Electricians

Has your wall switch been warm or hot lately? If the wall switch is hot, your home is at risk of a fire, so electrician needs to be called immediately. Here are some of the causes of the wall switch becoming hot.


If a device that is used by the switch is drawing more current than the switch can handle, the switch become hot. One of the common mistakes a house owner makes is installing switches on a higher amp circuit. A normal switch can handle a 15 amp lighting circuits. Some homeowners don’t know about this and think switches are the same and install low amp switch into a high amp circuit. If you have installed the switch that was hot recently, check the switch amp rating. If the amp rating is too low for the lighting circuit, reinstall a switch with the appropriate amp rating for the specific lighting circuit.

Failing Switch

Switches can wear out after years of use. When worn out, they can turn on and off and cause a small spark. The small spark will cause a burn on the electrical contacts and make the contacts fail. The failing of electrical contacts cause electricity to flow into a smaller area and generate heat. This kind of problem runs the risk of a house fire, so an immediate replacement of the switch is needed.

Faulty Wiring

Wires that are broken or loose but still functioning will cause electricity to take a smaller path through the wire and create excess heat. This problem requires an immediate attention from an electrician.

If a dimmer switch is warm, do not worry; this is normal due to the way a dimmer switch functions. If you think the dimmer switch is abnormally hot, consult the manual.

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