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How to Restore Windows 8 DVD Drive Missing from a Computer

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

How to Restore Windows 8 DVD Drive Missing from a Computer - Computer Repair

A common issue that many Windows 8 users are experiencing is the missing icon of the optical drive. According to reports, Windows 8 fails to recognize the DVD drive after the operating system has been installed or upgraded from Windows 7. As a result, Windows 8 DVD drive is missing both in the Windows Explorer and in the Device Manager.

While tech experts cannot pinpoint what is causing this problem, you can try the following fixes to restore the drive when Windows 8 DVD drive is missing. However, if your computer is new and you just assembled it, make sure to check first if the optical drive cable is connected properly before trying the steps below.

Fix Option 1:

1. Launch the Command Prompt with admin permissions by switching to the Start screen and typing CMD. Then, press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys all at once to launch the elevated prompt.

2. When prompted for user account control, click “Yes.”

3. Next, you need to type a specific string of commands into the elevated prompt and press the Enter key. You can copy-paste the command from the Microsoft tech support forum site.

4. Once you’ve entered the command, exit out of the prompt and reboot your computer. Afterwards, you should be able to see the DVD drive appear in the Windows Explorer and in the Device Manager.

Fix Option 2:

The first option described above may not work for some users. If this happens to be your case or you’re hesitant opening the Command Prompt to run the command, you can download a free utility called CD-DVD Icon Repair and run it on your computer to fix the problem.

This standalone tool is specifically designed to help users with Windows 8 DVD drive missing due to the OS failing to detect the existing drive. Even though this application is primarily programmed to work with Windows 7, it’s perfectly compatible with Windows 8.

Simply launch the utility once you’ve downloaded it and click the button that says “repair CD-DVD icon”. Restart your computer for changes to take effect.

Call In a Professional

If you’re still having problems with Windows 8 DVD drive missing from your computer, it’s time to call in a professional computer repair technician. Seva Call offers a free service that can connect you with trusted service professionals quickly and conveniently. Try Seva Call now, the first step to having your computer problem fixed in no time.