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Wiring Wall Lights

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Wiring Wall Lights - Electricians

A wall light can add the perfect amount of light to a room. Whether you need additional lighting for your work space, or some mood lighting to create a nice ambiance when entertaining guests, wiring a wall light can be done by the average DIY homeowner with basic wiring know-how and techniques.

Thinking of tackling this job this weekend? Here’s what to do:

Arrange the Circuit

1. Choose an area near a wall stud to install your light. Using a jigsaw, proceed to cut out the wall to fit the electrical box so that one side of the opening is against the wall stud.

2. Take the wiring cable and drop an end of it inside the opening you just cut.

3. Then make another opening to accommodate the wall switch and, through this opening, insert the wire and run it to the switch.

4. Then, connect the switch and basement by running another length of wire between the two. If you cannot readily access your basement, you will need to drill through the flooring inside the wall.

Fasten the Boxes

5. Take the bundle of wiring and secure it inside the box. Pull out the wires and separate them out: bare copper, white, and black.

6. Attach the electrical box to the wall stud at an angle, drilling the long screws right through the box’s screw holes. Secure the plastic box the same way.

Wiring Wall Light

7. Attach the mounting bracket of your new wall light to the box using the provided screws. Using a wire cap, connect the fixture’s white and black wires to the matching ones on the wall. Take the copper ground wire and attach it to the mounting bracket’s grounding screw.

8. Follow the product instructions on how to install the wall light fixture. Tuck the wires inside the box.

9. To wire the switch, wire the white wires together and the copper ones together. Use the provided connection screws to attach the black cables to the switch. Position the light switch  over the box and secure with the covering plate.

Connect to the Electrical Supply

10. Shut off the power in your house by turning off the main circuit breaker.

11. Locate the specific circuit breaker that corresponds to the circuit you’re working on. With the breaker pulled out, hook the black wire to it using the connection screw. Locate the brackets where the ground wires will go and attach the copper and white wires into available spots.

12. Turn on the power.

When You Need Expert Help

Working with electricity is always risky, so if you’d rather be on the safe side, rely on a qualified electrician to handle wiring your wall light instead of attempting it yourself. Use Seva Call to locate a quality electrician right now at no cost!