Seva Call DC Launch

Seva Call DC Launch Seva Call

Seva Call plans for DC Launch and new interns

We have some big plans for this upcoming summer!  We are planning to officially announce the launch of Seva Call’s service in cities across the United States starting with our home base of Washington D.C. and expanding from there.  Also on the horizon is the announcement of the release of our mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.  These apps will offer the same basic function as the website, but will be available for customers to use remotely from their smartphones.

In other summer news, we have taken on a whole new team of interns for summer of 2012.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, ranging from computer programming to marketing to writing.  It is an exciting time for these interns to be a part of Seva Call with the upcoming launches of Seva Call service in cities across the country.

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